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Discussion in 'Trading' started by despichtt, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Any tips on the fastest way to get intraday upgrades/downgrades by analists are welcome here!!

    Rating changes by Flyonthewall are not profitable right away for example. Always lagging..

    I did find some usefull ratings changes by certain alalists on DJNewswires though. Some of them allmost realtime; giving nice momentum.

    Any suggestions are very welcome here!!
  2. NoDoji


    Ratings are usually published in pre-market, but I'm pretty sure the analyst firm's clients get the ratings in advance. You get to play the gap.
  3. spindr0


    Watch real time news (Dow Jones, Bloomberg, etc.)
  4. Get yerself a Bloomberg and/or Reuters terminal...
  5. an analist is something unrelated to stocks.

    most of the time.

    You are posting too soon after your last post. Try again in a few minutes. No analists post here.
  6. ..but his/her change in opinion about stocks is very related to the stock price isn't it!?

    I don't understand:
    ''You are posting too soon after your last post. Try again in a few minutes. No analists post here.''

    Thanks for reply so far! I already use DowJones news; switching more to trading intraday news items lately. This terminal thing is too expensive for me right now but I will switch to this setup in time..

    Try S&P Equity ratings Intraday; it's a nice play for the last couple of weeks for me! Also couple of other ratings agencies that I'm not quite sure about yet because they don't update Intraday on a regular base.

    I also look for other items; its a brand new world for me and I'm starting to like this way of trading more and more..

    Any other suggestions please!!!
  7. Perhaps most of you out there are too scared to share their good experiences..

    Any other good ideas please!!

    Perhaps some nice link to intraday news trading!?

    Please let me know!!

    I will put your name in my testement if they're realy good, I realy do..
  8. LeeD


    That's a fair stetment. A large part of analysts only distribute their ratings to clients of their firms. Just few of the rating changes which are considered game-changing in some way make it to public news like Bloomberg's own news stories... and obviously with some delay.
  9. They probably make a nice trade themselves first through other related sources, I'm sure of that..

    Well, I don't need hunderd of changes intraday to make a living; just a couple of them is more than enough for me.

    Any more constructive members out there?