Anadarko flash crash raises questions about market structure rules

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OnClose, May 20, 2013.

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    Presumably all the transactions from $90 down and back to $90 will be voided. If not this sort of thing makes it extremely dangerous to trade on margin and costly to those that trade in cash accounts with stops.

    These trades must be voided if the market is to have any integrity. What am I saying? Integrity??? Have I lost my mind? This is the stock market!
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    i guess you didn't look at all nanex charts? forget about APC and their trades. they probably busted anyway(but surprisingly -i didn't see anything about it at in friday logs). it was a domino effect on various securities(and probably options on them). this is FAAAR more disturbing than APC trades itself.somebody probably made pretty damn good money off it. i said it before,i can say it one more time-US stock market became a shame...a joke. there is no rules anymore. there is no liquidity. it's DEAD. Thank you SEC, for your contribution to that.
    the media is keep saying that the flash crash vaporized wealth-it wasn't vaporized, it was transferred in a blink of an eye. from one group of market participants to another. and SEC is the problem. after some many years since 'original' crash. pathetic
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    Well since the SEC is obviously just gonna bend over and take it from the HFT's is there a better (safer) market to trade in?
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    Just a thought. Maybe Andarko is not worth $90 a share and orderly markets with deep and diversified order book would be around $10-15 (could be 20 or 30 I do not know).

    Media is barking at the wrong tree again.
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    I read/heard in multiple places, that it will take more of these events to alter HFT macro seconds trading. If sub penny will not be allowed and liquidity providers will be forced to keep their quotes for 10th of a second, 1 second or something like that, it might make these crashes a lot less frequent occurrence. Basically, the system needs to be slowed down.
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    Why did it jump back to 90 then after the crash?
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    Great post. Very troubling development. Further evidence that the notion that HFTs stabilize a market is pure horseshit.
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    i've been saying this for many many years. one need to trade,to see it himself. if first flash crash is not enough,then i don't know what else they need. it's obvious to me,some foreigner, dropout from 8th grade..looks like there is some full retards ruling this country,who refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

    Never Go Full Retard :)
  10. Trades will likely be voided, but one possible play would be to have a standing limit buy of 0.01 on all SP500 stocks each day.
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