Anaconda Mining Inc. Announces US$8.0 Million Loan Facility With Auramet International LLC

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    As per the recent press release by Anaconda Mining they are pleased to announce that they have signed a Loan agreement with Auramet International LLC which will be provide US$ 8 million loan facility to ANX. This finance will be used to pay for the reimbursements of the current Gold payment ,Also the finance will be used for all other expenditure needs for the Point Rousse operations.

    As per the singed documents The loan will be paid at the first anniversary of agreement at 5th May 2023 and ANX can payback the amount in minimum installment of US1,000,000, in full wither in installment without any plenty


    Auramet is one of the largest physical precious metals merchants in the world with over $22 billion in annual revenues and provides a full range of services to all participants in the precious metals chain, from extraction and production to manufacturing and consumption including physical metals trading and merchant banking, working capital lending, plus royalties and streams.


    Anaconda Mining is a TSX and OTCQX-listed gold mining, development, and exploration company, focused in the top-tier Canadian mining jurisdictions of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
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