Anabolic Steroid With Big Diet

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  1. A bit off topic, but I keep seeing pictures of NFL players who are incredibly huge and ripped. They look totally juiced to me, but the NFL does perform some rudimentary drug testing. So what is going on? Are they natural, are they using but masking or are they using undetectable designer steroids?
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  2. Yeah, I will consider your comments when I am hitting 350 on the incline and 250 on military. Thanks. Go torch one up!
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  3. I dony buy into the crazy split workouts or Arnold style workouts.

    If you are a genetic freak, and juicing, then yeah, maybe you can recover fast enough to work out that much.

    But for average joe, lifting weights 3 times a week is plenty, or even too much. I think Mike M, was right about this.

    Each body part should be worked about once a week, for most people.

    Because of my other exercise, the most I could lift is once a week, or I would over train instantly.
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  4. Is that supposed to impress me? I will consider your comments when Im deadlifting 425 for reps and Squating 405 for reps. What's your point?
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  5. They are using juice with a very short half life. They know when they are going to be tested, so they just have to stop the juice for a short period of time before the test and they are fine. There are many known ways to beat a test, its insane really.

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  6. Holy Shit, we agree on someting! That's my cue to get out of here for the weekend. This was an entertaining way to pass this shit friday trading. Perhaps i'll be back during another slow day.

    Training is just like the markets, everyone has there opinion. Just so happens mine is the only right one.:) That's a joke by the way. Everyone have a good weekend.
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  7. No, it refers to the fact that you know nothing about anyone on an anon board. I'd imagine you're a 150 puss by your comments, but I didn't feel the need to pass judgement.

    405 on squats. You'll need to work on that. I work out with guy on this board that weight 180 and squat >500. What's holding you back? Same shit every day?
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  8. Actually im 5'10 195. 405 with a 4-2-4 rep cadence for 15 reps is for pussies?? Christ, by that comment sounds like you squat well over 600 lbs then.

    You want proof, I'll give it to you. And, I'm not passing jugement on anyone here, you are the one doing that.
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  9. Does anyone work out for health reasons, or is it all about vanity? I don't know about your gym, but mine reeks of superficiality and pathetic egos. 90% of the meatheads in the gym just have self esteem issues. They don't realize (or care) that their lifestyles are having a negative impact on their health.
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  10. Ask Doggcrapp how much protein to take to build huge size....

    He has only trained the best of the best
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