Anabolic Steroid With Big Diet

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  1. Ha. Dont know about the other guys here, but im a nationally ranked athelete. Ive done this research. Ive experimented with myself.

    In fact, I posted actual studies that prove my position.

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  2. You make a valid argument here... smoking is NOT an environmetal factor in progression of energy-dependent heart disease/cardiomyopathy. Look up LVEF and smoking. Awesome, you should get that published.

    Guy was a train wreck. Drank and smoked excessively. This is the lifestyle you care to emulate? Yeah, that's outside the box. Time to get back your yours.
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  3. I am 48 years old and have worked out with weights for most of my adult life. When you say, "And boom they grow, " I would venture to say that their "intake" has not been solely of the caloric variety. If you are not getting enough calories then, sure enough, you will not grow. But I have seen people change over the course of years at a number of gyms. "Boom" suggests that someone is playing with chemistry.
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  4. Amen brother.
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  5. But this opens the door of what weightlifting program is the best. I did the 4-5 day split and i was always drained and overtrained. Even though i was going through my 10lb bag of Optimum Nutrition like it was going out of style. The purpose of lifting is to breakdown the muscle, let it heal, and then do it again. People are good at steps 1 and 3, but not 2. I workout 1 time a week, oh boy here come the flames. But i have progressed EVERY workout. I either go up in reps or weight every workout. I stick to compound excercises taken to complete failure. So, I give my body time to repair itself. The person that does the 3,4,5,6 day split doesnt. Perhaps that is why they need more protein, but good luck keeping that up. Overtraining is something that cant be over come by eating. I dont care what Lee Priest says.:eek:
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  6. jho


    Of course man, everyone and I mean EVERYONE on ET is a profitable 300lb juice monkey. Didn't you know that?
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  7. Agree 100% with your last. Time you starting making some sense. I do 70% compound exercises as well, perhaps more. I work out when I feel rested, which often means blowing the weekly split. I don't train to absolute failure as I train alone. The exception is when using a Smith or power-rack. Squats and deads once a week. 5x5 sets usually every third day. Periodization along with adequate protein is the key to growth.
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  8. HA, you are a funny one. I would highly recommend that you pick up some of Mentzer's books. Try to think outside the box for once. It amazes me when I go to my gym and I see the same guy every week working out with the same trainer, and week after week does the same thing over and over, but his body never changes. I bet you're that guy.
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  9. "Boom" is misleading. I mean "boom" as in they break thru their plateau and start getting bigger over time. Not BOOM they gained 10lbs in one month (steroid use).

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  10. Fine. You are referring to a regimen that incorporates, and is adjusted for, the use of steroids. Admittedly, that is beyond my experience and limited knowledge. Good luck with that.
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