Anabolic Steroid With Big Diet

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  1. You need complete proteins to support the synthesis. The AAS alone will do nothing w/o the aminos.
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  2. Let's see where those "walking monsters of muscle " would be without their steroids. The credibility you assign to them is in the drugs they take. You're rather easy to please. (Rolling your eyes right back at you.)

    And as for the RDA, I cannot comment as I have not looked into it lately. However, I'm guessing that any legitimate revisions do not include significant increments (i.e., multiples).
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  3. It might have something to do with the 3 packs of cigs a day as well. I never stated is was due to lack of protein or diet in general. The guy was a freakin' retard. Like minds, eh?
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  4. One thing that surprises me that I dont see in comments about traders is that theyseem to know everything about everything. :)
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  5. No need for a pdf, I believe you. Ill just comment.

    I just cant believe Mike is being literal here. Sounds like he is speaking purely theoretically to make a point. The below would have to assume a 100% efficient absorption AND usage rate of that protein, and we know that doesnt happen.

    Ive seen it too many damn times, guys in the gym working their asses off and not getting any bigger. They increase their caloric intake, *a lot*, and boom they grow. 16 extra calories a day wouldn't do a damn thing.

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  6. FWIW, I've been involved with natural and juiced bodybuilders for years. The natural guys do not gain significant mass until they break 2g/day. I am not recommending anyone ingest 2g/day. The physiologic load and achieving a +nitrogen balance require adequate protein for repair and growth.

    1g is adequate for casual lifters wanting to achieve gains.
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  7. Are you aware that if you inject tons of steroids and dont lift weight and dont eat like crazy that practically nothing will happen???

    It is absolutely false, and obviously so, that the "credibility I assign to them is in the drugs they take".

    Steroids will not get you these kinds of results without the protein, and workouts. Obvious FACT.

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  8. "a freakin' retard" thats a good argument. So what if he smoked. You stating that fact would imply that all other bodybyuilders are in perfect health. The opposite is actually true. They might look great on the outside but they are the most unhealthy people around. Smoking didnt play a role in his death. His brother died of the same thing, but he wasnt a smoker. They were both genetically predisposed to there heart condition.

    Just because Mentzer challenged the system, (eg the more is better idea started by Joe Weider and carried on by Arnold). Then I would agree. Like it or not, he was a pioneer and a free thinker. He challenged the system and some people can't accept that fact.

    Who is a freaking retard. The person that endlessly goes to the gym 1-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week and havent seen a change in years, but goes on doing the same thing over and over because that is what everyone else does. Or the person who thinks outside the box??
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  9. There is a lot of overlap. Both require a plan, finding something that works for you, results and discipline. All the things traders need to have and sadly most dont.
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  10. I won't rest until I am a 300 killing machine..

    Wheres mah steriods!!!!!

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