Anabolic Steroid With Big Diet

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  1. Get Big Diet When Using Anabolic Steroids!

    There are 4 main criteria to maintaining a healthy "GET BIG" diet.

    1) Sufficient amount of high-quality protein: I am sure you know this is the most important factor in building muscle. Muscle growth also leads to an overall higher metabolism, which in turn burns fat!! The best way to get high-quality protein is through meat, fish, poultry, and milk products. I'd recommend a pretty high protein diet. Between 1.5-2.0 grams/lb. of bodyweight per day. Protein shakes are a good help for this high amount but don't rely on them! (eg. if you weigh 200lbs. then consume between 250g-400g of protein)

    2) Sufficient amount of complex carbohydrates: For energy and metabolism. Good ones are oats, rice, whole wheat bread, noodles, etc... eat between 2-2.5 grams/lb. of bodyweight per day of these.

    3) Be sure you are eating enough calories: A calorie intake in the range of 5000 calories is needed if you are interested in getting BIG. Ever heard the saying "Eat big... Get big" Of course eating big isn't the only thing that will get you big. You have to eat high-quality food and spend the time in the gym. You can't get something for nothing.

    4) Eat according to the clock: This is probably the most important because of the amount of discipline it takes. You should eat 6-7 meals a day. They should be medium sized meals and obviously contain high-quality food (not McDonalds hehehe). Eat according to your workout as well. Always workout on an empty stomach and eat within 30 minutes after your workout. This is when the body needs the energy (food) the most and when it will be best utilized.

    Keyword: EAT!!! You have to... or the other guy will always be bigger.

    Key Supplements:
    NorAndrostene-Protein shakes- meal replacements
    Ribose- for energy and recuperation

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    We want to grow our accounts big not our muscles. We also want our love muscles bigger not shrivled away.
  4. You are implicitly endorsing the use of anabolic steroids? To what end? I suppose some athletes may need to take them surreptitiously in order to remain competitive. However, at least they have a tangible risk/reward profile to consider, such as it may be. Stated differently, their conduct is stupid but understandable. But what, exactly, is the risk/reward profile for the weekend warrior? To develop huge tell-tale traps that make you look vaguely simian? No doubt, women appreciate a man who is well-built and in shape. However, I think that once you cross over to the realm of anabolic steroids, you are mainly impressing other misguided men. Good luck with that.
  5. I for one, cannot get big enough..... I want to get so big that people are become concerned when I get in line behind them for movie tickets. Currently I like to spray my face with a little water and start to shake and swear when I am behind a lot of people. One strategy that works is to wear one of those bluetooth earpieces and talk at a very low level as if you are talking to someone.

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  6. First off, don’t really know what this is doing on a trader’s message board. But it is a boring Friday, so let’s have some fun. I guess we’ll star at the top:

    Eating mass amounts of protein is one of the biggest myths about building muscle out there. Only spurred on the supplement industry. Well if Ronnie Coleman takes this protein and he is huge, if I take it, I will too. Yes, protein is needed to build muscle, but to say that a person needs 2 grams for every pound of body weight is insane. Let's examine this further. Muscle is made up of more then 70 % water. Only about 22% is made of protein. Now a person can’t obviously drink mass amounts of water and expect to gain muscle. However, if a person does that the water will pass through the system. But what happens to the mass amount of protein that is eaten?? It is converted to fat, just like everything else that is eaten that the body does not need or use. Ok, so how does one build muscle w/o mass amounts of protein?

    Let’s look at what makes up muscle tissue. The caloric content of muscle tissue is 600 calories, and compare that to the 3,600 that makes up fat. So for every new pound of muscle that is created, a person needs to take in 600 calories above there daily needs (Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). So for the sake of argument, let’s say that a person is generating the correct stimulus to create 10lbs of lean mass a year. 10lbs of lean mass is a lot. So that would mean that they need an additional 6,000 calories a YEAR! That comes out to about 16 calories above the BMR a day. Now, brace yourself, not even all those 16 calories needs to come from protein sources. Since muscle is only made up of 22% protein, a person only NEEDS 1 additional gram of protein (16 * .25=4 cal which equals one gram of protein)

    A person needs to create a balance in there diets: 60% carbs, 25% protein, 15% fat. Stating that person can only “get big” eating over 5,000 calories is absolutely ludicrous. Let me take that back. A person will “get big”, but probably not in the way that they wanted. That would imply that a person’s BMR is up around 4,900. That is something that is highly unlikely.

    Building lean muscle mass is a slow slow process. In our society of instant gratification, the promise of being able to “get big” by downing protein shakes fits that perfectly. I myself fell for it. When I first started out, I took my protein shakes and whatever else religiously, but you know what happened?? Not a damn thing except the increase fat. Also, NorAndrostene is a steroid pre-cursor. It can be converted to an anabolic material, but how effective it is, is up for debate.

    This is just about nutrition. The whole over aspect is what about the workout themselves? If I had to venture a guess you would recommend a 4-5 or even 6 day split. Once again, it plays into our society. More is better then less. If I had to guess exercises would have 3 sets. There is something about the number 3, almost seems mystical. The correct type of exercise is a whole other debate. If anyone is truly interested PM me and I will extrapolate.

    I will be awaiting a response, unless this was just some type of spam and judging by your “legitimate” website it probably is. But nonetheless, it helped pass the time during the Friday lunch trading and maybe someone got something out of this post.
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  8. Actually, "eating big," as in 5000 calories a day, is completely unnecessary unless you are 6' 6" and weigh over 300 lbs.
    High levels of protein will intraconvert in the liver to triglycerides.

    Digestion is an enzyme-mediated, transport-dependant mechanism. It is fairly easy to overdo the eating, even with AAS. Yuo might get away with eating a bit more if you're willing to mess with your thyroid function using thyroid drugs, but even this won't allow for indescriminate "pigging out."

    In short this is the same recylced bodybuilding BS that's made people fat, not muscular
  9. Yes eating 5000 calories and 400g of protein is a total myth started by supplement companies and magazines. When the fact is if you eat normal 3-4 meals with a 100-150g of protein you will build just as much muscle. Also anabolic steroids increase protein synthesis so much that you can eat less protein and still get big. Bodybuilders are far and away the most overfed people on the planet. If takes you that much food and protein to get big your genetics suck. Why are you peddling something that is a schedule 3 substance on this board?? There are plenty of muscle boards out there.
  10. Trader273,

    I should've read your excellent post first - I could've saved myself some typing LOL!


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