An update on the 4 large bears...

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  2. looks like it ended on november 21st, 2008 for a total of 13 months. Since it surged 20% form that low that means we're in a new bull market unless it closes below 750. No way 750 will break on sp00z.
  3. No way it will break 1252, said the biggest loser on ET in 2008...
    and he's still saying the same thing, except now he's broke as a joke...
    Get fucked..
  4. Does a single person here honestly think anyone can be this stupid?

    I mean, he HAS to be a troll, right?

    It'''s just not possible, any other way...........[​IMG]
  5. Yes...some people are this stupid...
    they DO exist...
    whether Turd is a joke or not will never be known...
    but he sure plays the part of giant retard very very well...
  6. The 20% = bull market logic is a just plain wrong. Look at the chart again. The Crash of 1929 had six "bull markets" on the way to the bottom.
  7. jjf


    Who said he is playing.
  8. Larry Kudlow
  9. so now the question is, do we match the same drop as the times of great depression ?

    world leaders are meeting as we speak to do all they can to reverse this world wide problem.
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    This current bear market will be alot longer than 34.2 months.

    we have at least another 3 years to go, this market will be stuck in a trading range for years, probably wont see dow 14k until at least 2020 which is 11 years away, buy now at dow 7900 and by 2020 you will have an average return of around 7-8%, not bad at all if you ask me.
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