An UP Friday means an UP Monday

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  1. There is a trader saying: a down Friday results in a down Monday; but I suspect the opposite is also true -- "an up Friday results in an up Monday"

    What do you guys think?

    IMO Friday was capitulation day.

    With all the bad news out, this is a no-brainer -- we're going up.

    Strong Buy!
  2. Rumor that Fannie and Freddie will be "backstopped" by the Government.
    An announcement due out over the weekend, so it has been rumored.
  3. Is that news?

    Market doesn't normally chew its cabbage twice.
  4. Election Rally

    Long QQQQ or DIA Calls = $$$$$$$$
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    FNM FRE news coming out this weekend, the AH seems to be gaining some momentum on this. Hoping for a big Monday
  7. Is the S&P up 5 points a capitulation day in your opinion? Maybe you meant Thursday?
  8. WRONG ! the rumor was that LEH would be taken over by a private equity group.
  9. This is going to be a very rough fall. Friday was nothing close to resembling capitulation. We may have an up day monday, tue, ....we shall see......but this market is poised to sell off and finally see some real capitulation on a BIG down day. It would not surprise me to see an upside open monday and then a nice selloff. Sooner or later capitulation will happen.
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    hahahahahah bulls in the market. yeah right.
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