an unloved stock with fat yield

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    Thanks for the short call.
  2. You gonna get squeezed--- SPLS above 14 by March.
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    nothing wrong with this co although where there is competition they are sometimes overpriced
  4. Are you talking about Walmart as competing? I thought it was interesting that SPLS tried to buy office depot but it was knocked down, so now they are bitter enemies.
  5. hajimow


    Here is my input:

    I don't think that Staples will be out of business anytime soon but I really don't understand them. I don't understand Best Buy either. I wish I were CEO of Best Buy. I am sure that I could turn around the business in 6 months. The problem is that the CEOs are so disjoint from the company that they manage that you cannot believe it.
    Please answer me: Why Staples should sell salty sticks? Are they in the food business? What is next? Chips? Their laptop price is fine but not that competitive.
    I just saw Best Buy is selling a few dumbbells!!. They are just wasting their space and their selection is not complete either. They also sell chewing gum !!. If I were Best Buy CEO, I would focus on my key business. I would promote 3 items in a month with ridiculously low price. I would force buyers to buy that item because th price and quality is the best. Check out their coffee maker's price. It is ridiculously high. who buys a coffee maker fro them? To be fair, their laptop price is much fair now.

    You cannot put a price on these companies because one day a rich billionaire would buy a big stake and if you are short, you will be toast and vice versa.
  6. I buy spring water at staples. Best price anywhere. Must be an add on to salty sticks.
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    Possibly they sell a small selection of high use "office supplies" such as salty sticks, coffee, etc., as it is easy for a company to buy that type of thing via an open purchase order and have delivery made via UPS.

  8. How's the short going? Looks like we nailed this one. :D
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    I agree but I believe they are going off tangent by doing that. Most probably Best Buy also sells dumbbells in case you as a customer have problem moving your heavy items. you can do your workout there :)
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