An Oxford Student Finally Explains it to Us

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    Feminism is a battle against masculinity, the kind of masculinity women find attractive in other men. Effete men have feminism on their side. IOW, “If I’m not attractive to women, than nobody else should be either.” Revenge of the nerds in the mating game. The product of remorseless male-shaming and contempt from kindergarten on will be these aberrant shemales in reasonable numbers; that they are held in even greater contempt by their female contemporaries is beyond dispute.

    They’re under the mistaken impression that compassion for women as a group will result in individual women being attracted to them sexually. Young men are always scheming to get in women’s panties; exploiting angles and opportunities. If you can’t attract her physically, you try to appeal to her emotions. Hopefully you’ll get tossed a few scraps now and then. Maybe a pity f*ck.

    One consolation of mortality and death is I that I can feel my heart sing at the thought of not seeing or hearing another hell-spawn female for the rest of eternity. Make it so, number one.

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  2. Where are the black women?

    Where are the Muslim women?

    In other news:

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