"An Overview of What Happened in ET the Last Few Years"

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  1. Greetings,
    This thread will be an insight of what has been taking place here on ET in the last several years. I am your host lilduckling. Jack Hershey will be the author here and we await his posts shortly...

    This promises to be very telling indeed in the direction that ET has taken lately.
  2. psssst .......... Oh Jack, where are you?? :confused: :confused:

    Everyone is waiting!... c'mon man..... your making me look bad!
  3. I see your obessesion with Jack keeps growing.

    Seriously, how many threads have you started about him now? Have you attempted to find a therapist to deal with your problem :p
  4. Actually, this thread was Jacks idea. I just prep'd it for him. Me and Jack are a team now.:) We had a long talk and are buddies now.:) :)
  5. Attached are my thoughts.

    The Illustrations will be in Feedback soon under the OP "digs" query entitled: "How do I do this, show a picture?"
  6. Brilliant piece.
  7. I hope some of you take the time to read the entire document..... it is long, but extremely ensightful.
  8. There seems to be an increase attack posts on my friend Jack. Guys, I cant defend Jack all by myself.......... Come on guys.... TUMS, Swordsman, and others..... we need back up NOW!!