An Overview of Bitcoin

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  1. Pekelo


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  2. Hoi


    Pfff... just BS from a Bcash Troll. You may remind me Dec-2018.
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  3. schweiz


    "Emil Oldenburg, the CTO and co-founder of has spent the past three years in Tokyo. Oldenburg is also the co-founder of Safello, a Swedish bitcoin exchange."

    I wonder who is the BS troll. Not Emil, that's for sure. He probably is 1000 times richer from selling his bitcoins then you. Only when your bitcoins are sold and the money is in the bank you are sure to have made money. Till that day you are not sure about anything.

    I know people who got rich in stocks and poor again as they sold them in the crash in 1987.
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  4. algofy


    Hoi has been on here taking about bitcoin for years. He's come out and said when he sold (he scaled some out at some round numbers) and still holds some because he believes in future growth.
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  5. Hoi


    If you read my posts well (which you obviously don't) you would already know I sold quite a few, bought some very nice stones, and can retire. But still support the real Bitcoin, with skin in the game, as I know it will grow multiple times in users, features, and of course: price.

    About Emil. I know him as a very close friend to Roger Ver. They OWN that website which they bought a few years back with Rogers money. They are NOT the founders! That whole website is ignored by the bitcoin community as it's used for pumping Bcash and other fake news.
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  6. Sprout


    @ Hoi and other crypto enthusiasts
    Have you come across any stats on the amount of BTC trading occurring on mobile phones vs desktop?
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  7. Hoi


    No sorry.
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  8. schweiz


    Less then 0.64% of all bitcoin holders have a wallet of above $527,828.

    Let me guess: you are in this 0.64% and are better then 99.36% of all bitcoin holders. On ET there are only people making millions, so you are probably one of them.

    72% of all bitcoin holders even have not a $100 wallet. They have exactly $66,69 average each.
    And even 500K is still small money.
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  9. Bill Gate is going to build several Quantum Computers that mines the rest of the possible 21 million bitcoins.
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