An Overview of Bitcoin

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by Baron, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. bublu


    Seems its already went up to 4000usd setting all times higher (ATH), lets see where it goes as it is already on the rocket i guess.. LOL
    #22     Aug 18, 2017
  2. Overnight


    Hoi, you totally owned that prediction from 3 years ago. Nice call. Will you still hold onto all of it, or take a bit of profit now and let the rest ride the wave?
    #24     Dec 9, 2017
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  3. Hoi


    At the beginning of 2017, I had still all the coins from 2013. And wanted to keep them till 2020 at least (with a target of $5000 or so). But hell.... this year went crazy.... $5000 was reached in September... So yes I took some profit at 5000, 7000, 10000 and 12500... and bought a nice house and secured my retirement. I still have enough coins left and eager to see 2020 (modified target: $25k). If price falls irrationally I will buy more.

    The IRS is happy with me as well :sneaky:
    #25     Dec 10, 2017
  4. Which coin/s are you most bullish about?
    #26     Dec 10, 2017
  5. Hoi


    In price and security: BTC
    In technology: Ethereum
    In anonymity: Dash, Monero, Zcash

    But I only hodl BTC
    #27     Dec 10, 2017
  6. As an investment i'm after, which coins do you see having the most price appreciation?

    Ethereum doesnt have a fixed supply so I'm assuming it's not designed to be an extraordinarily high priced currency...
    #28     Dec 10, 2017
  7. Hoi


    I have no crystal ball.
    #29     Dec 10, 2017
  8. Sprout


    Great video! Thanks! Now off to read the Satoshi paper. Hoi, What’s your perspective with Andreas’s opinion about alt coins being the lab for BTC and that innovation with these can be applied to BTC directly?
    #30     Dec 10, 2017