An other alternative for traders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by andrasnm, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. The new SEC rule has angered me. (This makes trading resemble Poker more - as there are "table limits"...20-40 holdem in CA has a table limit of $300 - if you sit down with only $300 you are 90% likely to lose it all however)

    On a positive side there are more alternatives if you get down to it, if a
    trader is considering futures now but afraid or too "sober"
    to switch - there is Rydex for you. Their funds are 2 times
    (or 1 1/5 of the index) and have short/long funds on Russel
    Naz, SP, etc. Minimum is 25K per fund to open, but only a 1000 to add. It's easy to see why they are great...
    end of day funds. It takes some emotion out of trading
    either you in or out for that day. Scale in or out is easy.
    At Waterhouse one can trade Rydex without the minimum which
    big money managers use. (hint - usually they make money).
    see --->
    also see E-Trade fund supermarket has most (not all Rydex)
    at no minimum
    The other side is to become a professional. When I used to
    play pro poker we defined a "professional player" who made money.(more than he/she lost) - same holds water for trading !!!
    You don't need to be registered, pay dues or have license
    to be a "professional trader".
    You have 500k in Rydex and make a living - you are a pro !