An Original Turtle Gone Mad?? live video

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  1. Miamifats


    What do you make of this?

    and this.... John Galt's Army???

    Tonight at Midnight the Fight for Freedom and Equality and Justice Begins
    by Curtis Faith on November 16, 2010

    I am a warrior and I lead my tribe in the way of the turtle.

    I am preparing the first battle in the war against the opponents of freedom and justice and equality for all.

    Here is our plan:

    I am preparing a YouTube video demonstrating my unwavering support for freedom, and equality, and justice for all people, and especially for women and LGBT people who are being oppressed. I will post the video on YouTube starting exactly at 12:00 AM tomorrow morning when the sun passes the international dateline.

    I will not let my daughter grow up in a world where she is not the equal to any man, and where her dreams do not count as much as the dreams of any man.

    I will not let my daughter grow up in a world where she is taunted or bullied or oppressed because of who she is.

    I will not tolerate injustice and oppression.

    We will show the world the true meaning of the words:

    E pluribus unum

    I am prepared to help organize a worldwide movement. I have been preparing and training for this day for my entire adult life. And I know that the time has come to take our stand.

    History is ripe for the taking.

    If you are a warrior in spirit then follow me as I lead the way of the turtle.

    If you have the spirit of a teacher, or a shaman, or a caretaker, or another spirit, then find your leader or lead your tribe and we will fight for you.

    Tonight at Midnight the Fight for Freedom and Equality and Justice begins.

    After Dan’s battle is won, it will become John Galt’s Army we will take back our money from the looters.

    Then we will help our brothers and sisters throughout the world in this cause.

    Join us if you believe in freedom and justice and equality for all.

    Search #newhopeforfreedom on Twitter.

    Follow me “inflector” on Twitter.

    Copy and pass this along if you believe and you are a true artist who defines success on your own terms.

    For amusement, search Google for “Curtis Faith” or “inflector” and you will see how we have sprinkled irony throughout the interwebs.

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  2. Miamifats


    Faith called the drop last week. However this latest material is rather odd to say the least.
  3. So is he an Ayn Rand-loving anarcho-capitalist wanting the gov't out of our lives?

    Or is he a socialist progressive demanding the gov't give more "rights" to women and the LGBT complex?

    Or does he even know?

    This is the same guy who gave up "successful" trading to hit the campaign trail for Obama...and then brings up Atlas Shrugged references whenever he can. Again, total confusion.

    Oh well, I've lost interest already.
  4. Maverick74


    Honestly it looks like Curtis has lost his mind. Is it possible that he was kidnapped by some South American guerrillas? I guess the other alternative is a midlife crisis. I'm not buying the libertarian thing either. Nobody who calls themselves a libertarian campaigns for Barrack Obama. I think he is going though a political identity crisis as well.
  5. Miamifats


    Good points. That's one wacky video.
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    The news about Abraham Lincoln was odd too.
  7. who says white folks can't dance.
  8. Is he some kind of famous trader? I do not understand the video.
  9. Kyoto


    What's the source of this video? No way can this be turtle Curtis faith!
  10. Maverick74


    That's him.
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