An option broker (full service)

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  1. An options broker who charges $200 commission to buy a 750$ option spread is an _______________________?
  2. They're saying, "We prefer you do not trade options with us."
  3. troll

  4. I was gonna say a bucketshop, won't last long, trying to rape as much in commission as possible.

    It's amazing how many people out there still pay these rips.

    When's it gonna end?

    Soon - if that bill passes through the Senate..

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    what bill is that
  6. I heard that they are placing firms that charge excessive commissions under 'enhanced supervision'..
  7. Are you talking about $200 commission for a self-directed trade, or for a trade recommended by the broker?
  8. Full-service, as I said...
  9. I suppose there's a niche for full-service brokers who still get a few percent commission on each trade, but they're falling by the wayside as people go to 1.5%/yr money managers at MEL etc.

    In 2005 I got a cold call from a commodities broker who wanted to make money for me trading oil. $100/contract each way, account minimum $5000. I presume he was trading QM, and doing the math it meant a 1% move in the correct direction would mean $100 for me and $200 for him.
  10. $100 / contract? you gotta be shitting me, you'd need the price of the commodity to either explode or implode to have any hope of seeing any money out of it.
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