An open question to black people.

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  1. I'd like some black perspectives on the issue of immigration. I know that the overwhelming majority of black people support the Democrat party, and in the current era the Democratic party is the largest supporter of mass immigration/ illegal immigration (not that there aren't plenty of GOPers who support it too).

    Now, it appears to me that illegal immigration hits the black community as hard or harder than any other ethnic community in the nation. For example, MOST of the mass immigration is from somewhere in the 3rd world, most often latin America. Most of them are poor and try to procure low skilled/unskilled jobs. If/when they become legal, they are also some of the largest recipients of welfare.

    Now, please note that I am referencing objective facts here and am not trying to offend anyone, but merely initiate a dialog on this issue. Black people, on average, are the most impoverished group in the nation. They are the largest per capita recipients of welfare. They absorb somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of the welfare resources, while only being 12% of the population. Black people are also among the least educated in the nation on average, meaning that most jobs they would obtain would be low skilled or unskilled jobs; the EXACT jobs which the droves of hispanics are taking.

    I don't understand why more black people aren't taking a more serious stand on illegal immigration because 1) both the legal and illegal 3rd world immigrants are taking the very jobs and lowering the very wages which most black workers will be competing for. AND for the welfare blacks who do not work, the 3rd world immigrants are in huge competition with the blacks for welfare resources.

    Yes, of course I know there are uneducated whites and asians, as well as poor whites, but this issue disproportionately affects the black community to a much larger degree than it does other communities.

    Although many blacks DO support repatriation measures (sending illegals back to their nations), they largely keep voting for politicians who support the continued mass importation of 3rd worlders. My question is WHY? Do black people overlook this to vote politicians who will extend welfare policies? Are most black people simply unaware of these facts? What is it? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. Blacks aren't as stupid as you think they are.Racist republicans and the republican principles of taking from the poor to give to rich are a bigger enemy to the black community then hispanics will ever be and they know it
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    How do the republicans take from the poor and give to the rich?
  4. Programs that benefit the poor and middle class has to be cut to make up loss revenue from tax cuts to the rich is one way
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    So because the rich pay less in taxes, they are infact "stealing" from the poor?

    LOL.... So basically you are saying that the money a rich person makes is the "poor" persons first. If I make 12 million dollars next year, and i get a tax break, I am infact robbing the "poor" people who didnt pay any taxes?

    Is that accurate?
  6. Interpret it how you wish.When the poor and the middle class is getting gutted and the gap between the rich and the poor is at all time highs and continuing to grow due to republican polices I see it as the rich systematically stealing from the poor

    You see it your way ,I see it my way and we both vote accordingly
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    The poorest countries in the world are currently robbing the American "poor."..... Liberals should love this scenario.

    You want to attack someone why dont you go after India, Brazil, and China. I would have thought the current situation is a socialist's wet dream. Poor people in every third world shithole on planet earth are making 10 times their normal wages because they replaced the american "poor"
  8. Now, it appears to me that illegal immigration hits the black community as hard or harder than any other ethnic community in the nation.

    Actually I'd read something about this.

    The African American community is not threatened by illegal immigration because they basically have seniority. They are well established in poverty programs and housing.

    Other " ethnic resettlements" do not displace black people.

    If there is an x amount of money available, no one is going to short change the black man for a latino or poortirrrrican, etc.
  9. We (black people) are sooo fucked in sooo many ways that this issue has not gotten much attention. However you bring up some good points Artful Dodger.

    I think that right now we are fighting for 4th place with Jihadist in America.

    Hispanics and Asians will dictate the immigration issue from now on, our opinion does not really even matter anymore. Maybe 20 years ago we could have had a voice...not now.
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