An Open Letter to Warren Buffett.....

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  1. It's time, Mr. Buffett. It's time to put aside your quest for personal wealth, and do the right thing.

    You shunned your friend, Patrick Bryne. You dared people to naked short Berkshire. You laughed and did silly interviews with pretty anchor queens. Now, we're all suffering.

    You need to call your pals, Wilbur, Bill, and you need to come out and say you Billionaires, with your innate knowledge of how things work, are there with your m oney, your support, your advice. You must give people, people who have no confidence in Government, or Wall St., hope that sane thinking people are on this, putting country before self.
  2. You just opened the Pandora's box. Just wait and the so called conservatives are going to come out of the woods and claim how Buffett is a loser and tax cuts is the only solution here.

    This mess was started by Greenspan and Reagan's deficit does not matter philosophy.
  3. it's all about confidence now. It's like being in a foxhole. Everyone around you is dead. And the box crackles. Your Company Commander calls and say........ "you're doing great kid. Keep it up. We're winning."

    And if my intuition, evolved over years of screaming in the forest is any good, that letter is being followed with a phone call.

    I'll never forgot the response I got three years, one month ago with a similar response.............

    "not going to happen." Now, we'll see.
  4. Warren Buffet may be a liberal Democrat, but that is only because it is more fashionable to his curmudgeon image than the alternative. He is a capitalist at heart unlike the political crowd he seems to want to associate himself with.

    He is looking to buy distressed assets on the cheap.

    But every time, the market value of the assets he might be interested in gets near a value he might buy, the Chicken Littles in gubmint step in and artificially pump them up.

    Buffet is geared to operate in a free market.

    He may be giving his assets away after he dies, but he ain't pissing them away by following the lead of a former Goldman Sachs executive and university type Fed chief that looks like he would be of more value as the yard gnome that he appears to be than being an architect to the destruction of capitialism as we know it.

    I have never heard Warren Buffet on the subject of Ayn Rand, but my guess is , he understands what she was writing, and he understands that his capitalistic self-interest will better serve both himself and the common interest rather than throwing in with this hand wringing crowd of pompous morons which will be destructive to both his self-interest and the common interest.
  5. I'm not sure he has a choice.
  6. I am not sure if Warren is a "rugged individualist" but I know he knew some.

    He ain't throwing in with the gubmint minions. Subconciously, he might welcome financial cataclysm as great challenge in his old age.
  7. I've heard this term to describe alot of what has gone on in the last 2 weeks. bush didn't have a choice, he had to bail out wall st, paulson didn't have a choice he had to save aig, the sec didn't have a choice it had to ban short selling... What about the 42 million freaking people with NO health care who are getting sick and dying? What about the people who are homeless or the children growing up without food to eat? Why do we have a choice in those matters-- but not with wall st? why is it ok to bail out some asshole banker who is making $10 million a year but not ok to help out a single mother of 3 with no health care?
  8. I don't recall saying it was. But when these people take to the streets with weapons, maybe they'll get some attention from the likes of Sally Quinn, who right now is thinking about what to wear for cocktails. Nothing wrong with that, but shouldn't you earn it first? EARN, being the operative word. Not 'Steal".

    But thank you for your vitriole and conviction. It's about time.
  9. Speaking that afternoon, House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank, the Massachusetts Democrat, tagged the rescue of AIG as the tipping point. "It didn't have the broader calming effect," Rep. Frank said. "They tried it the free-market way, they tried it the big intervention way -- and the result was on Wednesday, the world was falling in on everybody's ears."

    This is a nation of idiots. We need to CLEAN OUT, forcibly if needed, all the self interested , scamming manipulators.

    This is not an option. It is an imperative.

    A plate just fell off my desk and cracked in two as I was typing this. I kid you not. I'm not a superstitious man. But I thought you'd like to know.

  10. We will be on the road to salvation when that Single Mother of 3 is called on the carpet for what she is. A selfish brood sow.
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