An Open Invitational Journal

Discussion in 'Journals' started by jreynolds212, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. An open invitation

    With so many traders claiming good fortune on a board that severely lacks good substance but is abundant on odor I encourage the hot shots of the board, you know who you are, to stop talking the talk and delivering something with essence to the forums on this post. Even if you have done so in the past, let's compile it right here, and if it yours, feel free to take credit for it.

    I'm not asking for you to share your most inner trading secrets but how about one good setup. Just one, I'm sure if you are such a hot shot helping the community with one solid setup will not diminish your wonderful returns.

    It's a respectful invitation to a party, let's see whose mature enough to show up and dance instead of trashing it.

    This is for the sake of the trading community so let's see if we can gather some great ideas and see how elite we really are. This is your chance to redeem yourself as a good trader and not a bad trader but a good asshole.

    Snake Oil salesman are killed on sigh on this board so let's not praise the word in underwear and do it right, for free!

    Moderators I kindly ask that you assist in keeping this discussion clean and productive.

    The ball is on your side of the court.

    Lets see you hotshots post to this journal with your one good setup.