An Open Invitation to the HotShots on ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackstone54, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. With so many traders claiming good fortune on a board that severely lacks good substance but is abundant on odor I encourage the hot shots of the board, you know who you are, to stop talking the talk and delivering something with essence to the forums on this post. Even if you have done so in the past, let's compile it right here, and if it yours, feel free to take credit for it.

    I'm not asking for you to share your most inner trading secrets but how about tax returns? Black out the personal identification information on your tax return and then submit it here in PDF format. Lets see who the best traders are versus those who sit and troll at the public library...
  2. LOL ... :D, hey you know what?

    Why don't you use the search engine this has been done already, and he used the exact same title as well.
    The only problem is that as time goes on the posters get stupider and stupider (allenhobbs, Mahasamadhi, Tactrader, Spectra) are just a few that come to mind.

    So good luck with this bullshit.
  3. This is pretty funny. Yeah, let me get right on those tax returns. Successful traders don't give a rats ass if anyone believes them or not. Their daily P/L is affirmation enough.


  4. You want other people to post their tax returns online? What are you nuts? Why don't you post your " fake " tax returns and let the fools line themselves up?
  5. This from the guy buying Visa puts before Visa was optionable. Check out V since........ loser
  6. JimmyJam, why do you live your daily life with such abundant negativity? And why do you feel the need to degrade others to uplift your self-esteem?

    Don't you know that God loves you?

    Om mani padme hum.
  7. lol.. man some people really just want everything handed to them on a silver ..uh..platinum platter.
    Hey why don't i just start sending you 10 % of everything I make..just for the hell of it.

    Why don't you pose a real question... i.e. I am having trouble understanding how volume works on a 1 minute chart? anybody have any ideas?

    Instead of giving people who are not your servants or paid to post tasks that are quite frankly .. idiotic.
  8. ATLien


    As the others have pointed out, anyone making bank has absolutely no incentive to prove it to a group of nerds trolling the forum and throwing out random challenges.
  9. Can I see your brokerage statements, tax returns, bank statements, mortgage statements, medical & health insurance statements and statements of any miscellaneous income???

    Seriously though, if it bothers you that much in that you need to become a troll via requesting personal info about someone just because you don't believe them about something...

    Time to put that person on your ignore list or set an example by doing exactly what you want someone else to do.

    Think about this carefully...

    Few here are willing to reveal their whole name and you expect them to cough up their tax returns. :p

    Besides, most tax returns would contain more personal info than just trading info.

    Simply, I won't tell you if I use double ply or single ply toilet paper nor how I wipe my butt let alone show anybody my tax returns that hides behind a annonymous user ID.

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