An offer to Volente.

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  1. I am willing to go "all in" that you were not truthful about your recent trading. SO here is the deal

    IF Volente can show us statements where it says he entered on all the prices he said he did on Tuesday, and the numbers add up to give his average prices according to his posts, then I will LEAVE ET forever. I will never post here again.

    I am not asking for balances. I am asking for ENTRIES with TIME, to determine if your "average" price numbers were correct. I am willing to bet my ET career they are not.

    Lets see if he can prove me wrong.
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    Who knows / who cares?

    Why is his life so important to you?
  3. Well considering that statements from futures brokers do not state the exact time when you bought or sold something. It would be hard for him to even do this.
  4. I have already received a couple of private messages from people who are anxious to see his response and this thread has only been up 5 minutes.

    I am not the only one who wants to see an end to this matter.
  5. ok forget the time, I just want to see all of his price entries. I will take his word for the time. In fact, the time is really irrelevant. Its the price/number of trades he made.
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    But, you didn't answer the question.

    Why is his life so important to you?

    Besides, if he is lying, do you think he is going to admit it just because you have challenged him?
  7. If I may, let me answer your question, and then maybe you will answer mine?

    Vol has attacked me personally in other threads which he had no part of. He questioned my trading.

    After researching his style, I have decided to question his.

    My pride is very important to me. You can come back and say "its just an internet site, get a life", and maybe you are correct but at this juncture in time, this is something that I feel I need to bring up. I will not sit here, and let him direct attacks at my trading, when he refuses to be open about his trading style.

    Now my question to you

    You ask me why i care about his life?, well why do you care enough about my life to post not 1 but 2 replies in this thread? surely you have something better to do then get involved in the lives of 2 strangers?
  8. and to answer your second question, no I dont think he will admit it. BUT if he dodges this thread, then his credibility will be brought into question. His reputation will tarnished (and rightfully so). Either way, the truth will come out.
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    I been around here a while and sometimes we (fellow members) can post and make ET a little better place.
    I am a participant here; thus, I post.

    So, you got into it with him prior to your starting this thread?
    Isn't this what we call a pissing contest?
    You been around here a long time.
    What do these pissing contests always lead to---nothing much.
    Am I wrong?
  10. Yes because it will lead to something


    1. Vol being exposed

    2. Me being proven wrong (highly doubtful) and leaving the site

    something will happen
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