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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Magna, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. Magna

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    It's obviously too soon to gauge this with any accuracy, but since the Sept 28 elimination of under 25K daytrading I haven't noticed any loss of volume in the market. In fact, as best as I can tell, it's been just the opposite with volume about equal to, or for the last 2 days, greater than the average. Anybody else read anything into this, as people were foretelling doom and gloom.
  2. Cesko


    People always foretell doom and gloom.
  3. I haven't noticed any difference in fill speed, qqq liquidity or anything else. Maybe the 25k accounts added insignificant liquidity after all ?
  4. agreed... besides, the 4X margin is great. I can really take great lines of stock, and not worry about not having enough to average my positions.
  5. I think the people affected by this rule arent but a tiny pimple on the big fat ass of the market. No offense intended.:D
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    All it took was an injection of volume from the big players as things return back to a normal Fall to make up for any shortfall caused by the under 25K crowd.
  7. ddefina


    I'm sure it took about 1,000 x 100sh people out of the market for a total volume loss per minute of 100,000 shares. Maybe a 1-minute bar for Dell, but spread over 9,000 stocks (LOL).
  8. I traded CHKP and AMAT today on top of my NYSE plays. I noticed I didn't get filled with those annoying odds lots of 10 shares here and a share here.