An Interview with Top Trader Dan Zanger

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  1. The key to this interview is to not listen to what Dan Zanger is actually saying, but to look at how he is saying it and his emotions.

    During the entire interview, he has perfect control over himself. When he says he made 3.2 million in one day on EBAY, he only has a small smile on his face and his face goes back to the same emotionless pace. He is almost like a poker player not showing his hand and keeping perfect control.

    Notice his attire. He doesnt wear anything fancy. Actually, Im a little shocked by what he is wearing. Here is this multi-millionaire stock trading tycoon just wearing a wrinkled white shirt and a cheap pair of glasses with his hair done up as if he just went to supercuts.

    Look at this elitetraders, this is how a real trader composes himself. There are no fits or bursts of emotion. Complete and utter maturity.

    On a sidenote, Dan really needs to get out to the mall and spend some of that cash on something decent. No dis-respect, but he could do a lot better then this.

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  2. Feyd


    I like how he has his polo shirt buttoned all the way up to the top. lol
  3. I hope he has another much more 'fun' side to his personality as Id rather be broke than be like that dude...

    Money is a very small part of living a fulfilling life...
  4. I know there are some who feel that stereotyping is quite rude, however, Dan comes off to me like some type of engineer.

    As for a fulfilling life, maybe Dan is very happy with trading. Maybe its trading that fulfills his life.

    Everyone has something that is fulfilling to them, to some it might be a fat wife and 3 kids to others it might be a bottle of gin and some sluts. Dan might be perfectly happy with trading and a dry sense of humor.
  5. who is this interviewer, so serious fellow ninja!!!
  6. hmm..glad you just informed us of the holy grail... i know a trader who has made twice as much as dan Zanger and guess hwat .. he terribly wild outbursts at times... like taking out monitors with a baseball bat ... also i guess you do not think futures pit and options traders are real .. they have extremely loud outbursts of emotion.. just a heads up:

    1. do not believe everythign you see.. dan i snot in fron of a screen trading in this interview

    2. work and play are not the same

    I don't see pro football players screaming at people on the street.. nope they save that for the field.. anyway thank you for showing us how miserable your trading idol really acts... give me a freakin break
  7. Reminds me of the old joke that Bill Gates used to tell on TV chat shows.

    "This best fashion tip ever i got was to undue my top shirt button".

    Someone needs to tell Zanger this.
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    People act different in an on-camera interview about work than they do in their leisure time. If you've ever been in front of a TV camera, you would know that it can make you self-conscious or tighten up somewhat. Only people who are natural performers, or trained/experienced in doing interviews can act "natural" with a huge TV camera and mic shoved in their face. For all we know he went and banged 3 coke-snorting perfect 10 supermodels after this shoot took place.

    An interview about trading is about conveying useful information about the field, not about trying to charm or entertain the viewer. If you want the latter then tune into CNBC. If you care more about the bottom line, then people like Zanger, not Maria, are who you should be focusing on.
  9. You are spending way too much time staring at Dan Zanger. Just call him up, book a room, and give him that knobber !!!!!
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