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    I had been away from EliteTrader for a bit due to work and came back recently to try to get caught up a bit.
    I checked out my old posts to see if anything had been updated and on this one remembered these two sites that I had mentioned:

    I checked them both out just to see what had changed. The first one,, doesn't seem to have changed - still has a cool Flash thing. It isn't clear (to me) if it is up and going or not - it looks cool though.

    The other one,, is up but different now. Before they were selling something and now it is an educational type blog.
    It is discussing technical analysis on the stock markets.

    I have e-mailed the guy to see what happened to the other thing. I'm curious if he either failed or had good enough success to be grabbed by someone and now he is just doing this for fun. The numbers that were posted on the old site were pretty good, so maybe something good happened.

    Either way, it looks like they are talking about some stuff that might be interesting - thought that it looked applicable to this forum.

    In regards to the site - anyone here know anything about it?
  2. Look up the founder. I believe he was just convicted of investment fraud.
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    I know that Kibble (is that the right name - Kimble?) was related to it and in the past he has had issues.
    He runs publicity stunts a lot to try to garner money, so perhaps the site was just something along those lines. does seem to be legit though since he is actually talking about stuff and as far as I can tell isn't trying to get you to invest in a fund or anything.
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    I just got an e-mail back from the guy at and he says that he is working with private investors now, also with financial type companies, and is shopping around ideas for a few books - one of them on technical analysis.