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  1. I have an interesting question for the bears and maybe the bulls

    with all these claims about the banks, the fed, paulson, and so on propping the markets up and bailing out speculators and funds what should the markets REALLY be trading at right now versus where it is today?



  2. S2007S


    IF it were not for all those injections around the world in mid August after the markets around the world sold off and liquidity started to dry up.

    IF it were not for the federal reserve cutting interest rates like they have for the last few months.

    IF it were not for the discount rates being cut etc etc etc

    IF the federal reserve didnt provide any more injections to improve liquidity the last few months the

    DOW would be sitting under 12,000 at this very moment.

    DOW between 11750-12500

    S&P 1325-1375

    NASDAQ 2400-2600
  3. S2007S


    They are still trying to help the markets out, just the other day they injected another $41,000,000,000 into the system. All they do is print money....
  4. gobar


    because of paulson n Ben market is @ 14,000

    i think they both have GS stock :)
  5. Yeah, it's really bad. Think about it: the herald of free enterprise and open markets is actually a centralized economy where everything is done for political reasons to keep those in power.
    Combined with all the new civil laws to keep so-called terrorism in check, this is starting to look really weird.