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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hermit_trader, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Based on what I know about quant type traders, this is slighly above norm, especially sharpe ratio > 2.0, but not by much, the 12-18% annualized return is actually kinda of low. But these type of traders are highly prized in the asia markets (because quant trading in asia still is somewhat rare), so the hiring fund must be prepared to come up with one great package to attract the person with that type of track record. Based on the people that Citadel have been hiring in Hong Kong, these guys (if it is not Citadel, which is hiring exactly people like this in HK like crazy) better be prepared to pay upwards of $800k-$1M guaranteed.

    The job description is also all over the place (a sign that they are shooting for the moon a bit, or, er, the fund actually can't pay the great package). For instance, sector based trading and high frequency futures trading, it is very hard to find a trader that has had a lot of experience trading in both type of strategies.

    I get a sneaky feeling that is one of those "let's set the bar high, and see what kind of fish we can catch" type of ads, since there are too many 200M hedge funds calling themselves "top notch".
  2. I can do this....but in Retail Spot gawd....just give me 10 mill to trade and I could give them double their yield...Yes and I would move to Hong Kong...I have been there and no problem...I am not a quant and do not have a degree though, just a consistent street-wise trader with a 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood-grain siding.