An Insightful Guide to Investing

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    Although admittedly this is primarily a day trading site – I also recognize there are some folks who are only interested in investing (I recall seeing questions crop up periodically).

    The link below is to a book that gives a very insightful look on how to invest

    It’s very straight forward and easy to understand – more importantly it clears up a lot of questions about investing, (asset allocation, diversification, investing in general) and the aspects investors face with wallstreet types (brokers / advisors/ independents).

    Also what to look for/ expect overall.

    It is not geared toward the day trader, although one natural progression may be to move money generated from day trading into an investment account – then let it grow

    Hope it helps…, and for the record I’m not affiliated in any way…



    Thanks RN,

    But hey,...the author "Dan Goldie", would that be the same Dan Goldie of Tennis fame from back in the late 80's, changed professions?