An insight to John "Rambo" Moulton trading

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  1. treeman


    He does not look healthy at all.

    A lot of the talk was about finding flow. It’s obviously extremely important to find flow. He gave some great tips on how to get there. Im always surprised at how little flow is valued on here (but that’s not a system!?!). I’d say the talk should be helpful to traders willing to listen to what he’s saying. You can’t help people who won’t listen.

    Given all that, it’s even more surprising to me that he doesn’t look healthy.
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  2. Pekelo


    Why? You can be a very disciplined trader and still love to eat/drink. Not to mention what is the point of having money if you can't enjoy life? Even simple/cheap pleasures as eating what you want?
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  3. treeman


    More about his zen attitude and not treating his body in the same way. Just surprised is all.
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  4. Pekelo


    I actually agree with a lot of what he said, except the comet analogy. The charts are showing the future lots of times so that was a bad analogy.

    Here he is probably 25-30 years younger:

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  5. test_user


    In the documentary "Bulls and Bears" he is shown trading from his house in Port Douglas. He also claims at one time that he is trading from home 95% of the time and hates to come down to the pits in Sydney.
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  6. Bill.C.


    He looks like Abraham from Walking Dead, if he really let himself go
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  7. So Pekelo, to be clear, I think his comet analogy is accurate for the way he trades. Sounds like he might look at charts from time to time, but highly doubts their ability to predict the future. He sounds much more like he is (or was) in the pits akin to trading off of DOM data. Sounds very much like the trading this guy does (or at least teaches):

    I've watched a few of videos, and listened to at least one podcast interview with him, and he is pretty darned critical of chart reading.

    Anyways sounds like two different schools of thought that are pretty much contrary to one another, yours (and most peoples' I would assume) that charts can be very helpful, and Rambo's and John Grady's, where charts have very limited value.
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  8. Its funny, I just listened to his Chat With Traders podcast. At one point he seemed to rag on people trading from home haha. And I thought he was known from being in the pits? This guy is a unique (strange?) character for sure.
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  9. Thanks. On the podcast I mentioned, he does in fact mention being ready to buy/sell, as you mentioned. He also mentioned trading like the 3 year and 10 year Aussie bond spreads. So what you said sounds spot on.
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  10. Maverick74


    I find it comical that the AVG ETer who paper trades and makes billions on sim accounts is criticizing a guy that has put his own stack on the line for 40 fucking years. The dude looks bad? He is almost 70 years old! Goddamn folks, seriously? This message board is nothing about whiners. You guys are mad because he didn't hold your hand and walk you through on how to trade? LOL. ET keeps making new 52 week lows.
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