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  1. What do you think about it? I developed the code for Omega. If it is interesting to you, write this thread or e-mail me. We can develop strategy together
  2. I like it. Does it work lots of markets?
  3. It is universal. One parametår is used. "Length" )
  4. Dear, Equalizer! It is not a Grail. It is not a joke or smth like that. Everyone can use it. It is a small result of my work. )) Do you want me to share it with you?
  5. I'd like to test it against a universe of stocks I trade.

    - Spydertrader
  6. Isn't that the stochastics oscillator?
  7. For those who uses Omega. The function
  8. I d like to see your results, Spydertrader
  9. Please show us some more screen gifs. They are pretty.
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