An Indian Company Announced 63,000 Job Openings... 19 Million People Applied

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  2. An example of why the Globalist Elites think there are too many people on the planet... not enough jobs to go around... will become too difficult to feed us all... and the justification for their notion that "6 Billion people on the planet need to be exterminated so that the remaining ones can enjoy life". And after all... once the Elites have secured all the power they want, the "useful idiot supporters" will no longer be of use... and will be seen as a liability.... mere "eaters". Why bother to keep them alive at that point??
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  3. Ok Thanos...
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    Just wait until 2100 when Africa's population has increased by 400% to ~4 billion, per UN projections...
  5. Yes... and many of them will want to emigrate to the US to suck tit on the American tax payer if they can. (Somebody should introduce the notion of birth control to Africa... really.)

    Difficult to see any "good news" on the horizon.

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    With 10s of millions unemployed with decent skills, why does not India produce its own goods rather than importing $50B of Chinese crap each single year.

    When governments fail to plan and implement then results are those like India, Africa and other corrupt mixed economies around the world.

    India due to its "rotten democracy" i.e. corrupt, very sluggish, inefficient, lawless type variables, also suffers severely from "vote bank policies" of parties. This in order to get elected into the offices and get rich by scams and corruption.
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    Welcome to the future of this planet. As each year passes I notice some store, some restaurant, some function at the airport check-in process, some doctor's office have one or more employees replaced by an automated machine or a web based procedure. And it seems to be happening with alarming speed.

    In the not too distant future, I will bet that getting a job (blue collar and professional) will be like winning the lottery as we have the double whammy effect of population growth combined with ever increasing automation/efficiency growth.

    Encourage your kids to get postgraduate education and become highly specialized in something that cannot be automated away - it will help them survive the coming obsolescence of the majority of humans.
  8. No one reading this will be alive in 2100
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    lol! Good point.
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    Thankfully, Africa is now an island (Suez canal).

    300 ppl applied from Padutrader's family alone!
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