An Illustrated TARP

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  1. From : Naked Shorts

  2. Thanks a lot!!!
    Was laughing my @SS off!!!
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    Amusing, even if it is clearly photo shopped.
  4. My first occupation was in design... I do not see it being photoshopped or something...
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    Look at the positioning of the overturned truck in the 5th photo and the other truck in the 6th photo. The exact same positioning of both trucks appear in the 7th photo. Furthermore, how many trucks went into the water. Answer: 2. The red truck in the 5th photo and the green truck in the 6th photo. How many trucks are in the water in the 7th photo? Answer: 3. Where did that other green truck come from, the one mostly on its side to the left of the other two? And, if it really fell into the water, how the hell did it get so far away from the seawall? Oh, and the cables on the truck in the 6th photo don't appear to be attached to anything, yet the truck is being pulled into the water. And, lastly and most obviously, the people in the foreground of the 5th photo have the exact same body positioning as in the 7th photo. All they did was change the color of the truck in the 5th photo from green to blue and change the color of the boom. Again I say, Photoshopped.
  6. Nice job trendy. Will admit a cursory glance at best but the "Naked Shorts" dude usually is reliable.. You should pass on your detective work to him. Am sure he would appreciate it (no sarcasm here). Website is:


    BTW, one tumble is probably enough but you never know. As long as there is paper, ink and a printing press the government can and will continue to construct alternate realities.