An idea for those interested in pursuing a Quant Masters, have somefun while doing it

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Copernicus, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. check out this program in Warsaw, Poland.
    its headed by a very well respected quant Marek Rutkowski

    here is the curriculum..

    its going to cost you a fraction of what you pay elsewhere, and even that is going to be covered by the difference in rent expenses.

    best of all you can trade in the afternoons and go to school in the mornings.
  2. ...but you will need to learn a new language too!

    Sample Textbooks:

    J. Jakubowski, R. Sztencel, Wstęp do teorii prawdopodobieństwa. SCRIPT, 2001

    Hull, J. (1997) Kontrakty terminowe i opcje. Wprowadzenie, WIG-Press

  3. looking at the website it looks like the program is in english.
    you need to learn the language to talk to the girls anyway! :)