An HONEST opinion... should i trade futures?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cashmoney69, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. If you have to ask, you already know the answer.

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  2. Go on google and learn? Sweet Mary and Jesus....I', not sure where to start! I am at a total loss of words
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  5. Re the first question: how do you trade stocks now ... the answer will impact your suitability for futures.

    Re this one: Interactive Brokers offers both.
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  6. i just started futures a few month ago with an equity background, my honest opinion is that futures are easier to trade as long as u calculate ur risk properly, don't go out and max out ur intraday margins, that very very stupid. give your self reasonable stop loss based on the volitility that day, i tried using 1 point on the ES and than 1.5 point n found my self stopped out alot, now that i'm using wider stops i've been doing much better.
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  7. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL


    Like you, I went from equities and am now SIMming futures. Try it you'll like it. I tried OpenECry (2 week trial), they have a fast and clean platform. I just wish they offered a longer trial. Charting was OK.

    Now, I am using Amp Futures with Ninja Trader (30 day trial). Again, it's very fast and a bit more robust. You could definitely trade off their charts IMO.

    If you do ever get around to giving futures a try, concentrate on capturing points rather than currency.
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  8. If you are doing well with equities, I would say stick with that. If you are set on moving into futures, practice thoroughly before going live with that money.
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  9. <i>"... if you don't understand what that leverage is all about."</i>

    Leverage is having a case of beer in your refrigerator, and having the self-control to drink one at dinner instead of all 24 in one hour.

    Leverage is having $30k in an account with ability to trade 60 contracts on daytrade margin, but only trading one contract at a time for a long, long time.


    Futures contracts have as little or as much leverage as your self-control dictates. They are no more or less "dangerous" than stocks, cash or margin. We each decide how much money to risk on each trade, and that's the reality of leverage.
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  10. Daal


    heres a complete list of people who succeeded starting with 5K:
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