An example of the possibilities.

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  1. Hello everyone, here is my current positioning I just entered. We'll start the balance at $51,882 USD total position value about 10x at $577k USD. The target and stop will be monitored using MT4 and will execute using a EA if parameters are meet.

    platform 05 31 2021 1931pm.PNG
  2. UnRealized P&L is now at a gain. The initial loss due to spread is horrible, but would have been much less using a live premium account. With enough capital and the right connections, this strategy could be very profitable. We'll continue to monitor it and will close if parameters are met.

    platform demo 06 01 2021 0828am.PNG
  3. Have closed all positions. The first screen shot is moments before I closed out, the second is flat value of account. Prices moved in my favor in the two minutes between the screen shots.
    Gain was +0.83% $429 USD.

    plat dem 06 01 2021 1304pm.PNG

    plat dem 06 01 2021 1306pm.PNG
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    The examples are, in principle, not bad, and someone may really need them.
  5. Onra


    What the heck do you mean by that???

    Why do you and your countless newbie forex trading buddies keep posting these shallow comments?!

    Demo is good..., blabla bla
    Choose your broker wisely...; bla blabla
    Psychology is important...; bladibla
    Choose the right strategy...; blablalibaba
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    it seems to be the bot language that we don't understand.

    are you the bot?

    bleep! bleep!
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    I never click on YouTube clips on trading which show some clown sitting on a sports car in front of the sea.

    And I never click on any clip for which someone is making gang signs. If he thinks that is a smart thing to do, he's gone beyond being a clown.
  9. Well, you should have. The video is hilarious, of him mocking how foolish the entire Forex scene is. You are obviously wound up so tight you can't even have a laugh, your ego is so shattered from trading, you have to make assumptions on a video you didn't even watch just to boost your self confidence.
    In the end, does it matter? You'll never trade forex profitably anyhow.
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