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  1. Given the abundance of wanna-be comics on ET, I thought maybe it would be fun to play a storywriting game. You've probably done something like this in school.

    Someone (me, in this case) begins telling a story and leaves a sentence unfinished. Someone else then finishes the sentence and continues on writing as little as or as much as he wants, once again leaving the last sentence unfinished.

    It's best if there's some sort of continuity in the story, but other than that you can take it anywhere.
  2. Okay, I'll start then and see if we can get something going.

    I woke up suddenly at around 8 eastern, stared at the ceiling for a moment until I remembered what was so urgent and then began fumbling about madly for my cell phone. I desperately needed to speak to Don Bright. He'd left a message for me the night before. I'd called back but I couldn't reach him, which was unusual because...
  3. generally Don sits at his computer logged into ET all day with his cell phone by his side. I then realized that I had another message from Gordon Gekko that said in part, "There is no god! There was never a god! I am an ath ..." I promptly hung up because I just got a beep from ...
  4. "Rowenwierd, who was calling up each ET member to tell them he is 5'8" and an Artist with a crappy exhibit he wanted ET members to attend to make himself feel less small of a person in all aspects of his pathetic existance. His absolutists views and ignorant rants had turned the rest of the ET community off to the idea. Hearing that most of the rest of ET had already rejected his offer, I humored him and said I would go having no real intention of ever attending. Just then some breaking news broke out on CNBC it was about...."
  5. scientific proof had just been obtained by archeologists in Isreal that Jesus Christ was a black homosexual. Jerry Faldwell was interview about this new information and he said......
  6. jesus is lord and...
  7. pagans, abortionists, feminists, lesbians and but pirates brought on the terrorist attacks of the WTC. I immediately switched the channel in disgust when I saw a Michael Parness infomercial showing some fat house wife...
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    God of the earth. Suddenly I realized the day was getting totally turned around. One minute my mind is filled with an urgency to speak with Don, the next minute my mind is in turmoil filled with hatred and intolerance. Shaking myself back to the love of trading I.............
  9. placed a fat finger trade and lost all my money. Then I said to myself, "What the fuck was I thinking putting religion and trading together as one."

    THE END.


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    I LIKED IT!!!!!!

    And I'll buy the sequel.

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