an essay on who owns the fed

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  1. Found this article quite interesting
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    This, perhaps with the exception of "international," I would agree with. The Federal Reserve banks control the Government rather than the Government controling the Fed. The fact that the Chairman can testify in front of Congress and refuse to tell Congress where the country's money is going is beyond laughable, in a very, very comical way, not a humurous one.

    <i>the Constitution ceased to be the governing covenant of the American people, and our liberties were handed over to a small group of international bankers</i>

    The question of whether the Fed is owned by the Rothschild Banking Dynasty has been sugguested time and time again but I've yet to see any proof to that effect. It's my belief the Fed is American owned and the biggest leach mankind has ever succumbed to.
  3. ... Try reading the WHOLE article
  4. why does their goal have to be sinister? Maybe the powers that be are just trying to make life better for all as best they can. I dont know why that just because someone is secretive, they are portrayed like Dr. Evil, sitting high in a castle somewhere saying "Mwahhahahaha...They will all be my slaves! All of them, I say! Mwahahahhaha!!!"

    When you think about it...the USA had a good 100 year run of extremely high standard of living compared to most of the rest of the world. Sure its designed to collapse one day, but we did have all those years of prosperity, invention, ingenuity that likely would not have come to fruitation without easy credit.
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    conclusion... from article and FED website.

    The fed reserve system is privately owned and we have no idea who controls it.
  6. It depens on when you were born. Those who are early boomers had many good years and were prosperous. Gen-X, Y, and Alpha get to turn out the lights and sweep the floor. An interesting statement was made to me concerning my new locale stateside "this area wsax once known for the fruit and vegetables but is now known for its black heroin." The giga sized banking interests are don't care what is going on the ground floor but are fighting for dominance and control. A capital convergence will occur and the winner will most likely be the chinese.

  7. Read the article before posting misguided dribble. It tells you who owns the fed.
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    LOL, this essay was written by someone that has Dr. in front of his name.

    He thinks that money has to be given directly to the stakeholders of the Fed. He didn't discuss anything about the monetary value of knowing when interest rates raise or fall.
  9. LOL! have you ever traded before? if stuff like that was leaked you can see it in the market.
  10. If you do a bit of research on the main conspiracy theorist named in the article , author of Secrets of the Fedreral Reserve Eustace Mullins, you will find that he was also an antisemit, friendly to white supremacists and Adolph Hitler. Do more research and you will find out that most of the conspiracy theorists on the World Order, the International bankers , the Rotschild family and so on are also antisemitic. Connect the dots, the conspiracy theory about a World order controlled by international bankers is in itself a bit preposterous , but when you know who writes about it , it loses a lot of its credibility.

    The bottom line is that the Fed is not controlled by foreigners or "international bankers", however the US banking industry exerts probably a strong influence over the FOMC , since member banks elect the regional Fed boards. At the end of the day, we can say that the Fed still works for the banks and not for the american public.
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