An Endless Circus

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  1. An Endless Circus
    Posted by: Christian P. Milord | 02/20/2009 9:20 PM

    The circus never rests in our nations' capital. Eric Holder thinks that Americans are cowards because they don't discuss race more often. Holder is one of many Clinton retreads sprinkled throughout the Obama administration. He forgets that Americans have the natural freedom to discuss whatever they want, and associate with whomever they want to. Race isn't that important to most Americans, but obviously it is to Holder. He was part of the DOJ that helped the Clinton administration pardon scores and scores of crooks. Read about those pardons in the fine book, "The Clinton Crack-Up," by R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr.

    But wait, the guffaws keep coming!! Cong. Clyburn certainly enjoys talking about race. He thinks that the Southern governors that oppose the recovery boondoggle and consider turning down federal dollars, are racist. Isn't it amusing that liberal folks who think we should all be diverse and go beyond race spend more time than anyone else discussing race. Then they hurl false charges of discrimination at anyone who opposes soul destroying socialism.

    It wasn't that long ago that Obama kept repeating his slogans of bipartisanship, change, and hope. All those hollow mantras quickly dissolved into the reality of politics as usual. Now it's all about statism, divisiveness, and crises. Obama forgets that the Dems have held the reins of Congress for two years, so they own much of the blame for reckless spending in D.C.

    Did anyone read the "stimulus" package before it was rammed through Congress? During the Newt Gingrich years and the GOP Congress (1994-2006) there was a much higher degree of bipartisanship and horse trading. In contrast, the current Pelosi/Reid Congress rarely reaches across the aisle in a normal human give and take.

    Amazingly, some Dems have considered nationalizing auto companies, banks, education, healthcare, insurance companies, mortagage industries, etc. What's next? Do they want to nationalize 300 million Americans? No wonder the markets have been in a downward spiral. Apparently, most Dems haven't learned a thing from history. Perhaps they want the economy to really head south before they allow the private sector to kick in. Then they can take the credit for a recovery in a year or two. However, most folks know that any economic turnaround will occur despite what the government does, or doesn't do.

    Obama has no qualms about increasing the national debt by spending money the Treasury doesn't have in order to generate more regulatory dictates to the states and local governments. Yet he lectures cities and states on how they should spend the dollars. No wonder that some states are reluctant to accept financial assistance that's riddled with red tape. Since Obama has never run a business, he doesn't understand that no government on earth can control, or manage an unmanageable economy. So the Democratic circus continues to entertain at the expense of the American people.