An empty jar makes no sound, a full jar makes no sound...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Port1385, Jul 2, 2008.

Is Stocktrad7r nothing more then a man with a jar and a few coins?

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  1. where as a jar with a few coins makes a lot of sound. You never hear from many very wealthy traders because the jar is full. You never hear from the broke ones either because theirs is empty. We only hear from the likes of Stocktrad7r, for example, because these are people whose jars only have a few coins in them.

    ET is no more then a collection of traders with a few coins in a jar rattling them around to create this huge chorus of dysfunctional noise.

    Now discuss...
  2. ssblack


    So why do we keep hearing from you?

  3. Correct.
    Nice analogy.:cool: