An Elitist Comes Out

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  1. I am going to play the role of an elitist. I invite all of you inbredwars, Faux news, people out of the closet. Focus your attacks here.

    You cannot win. The dollar is being devalued in favor of the Amero. It is a fait accompli. The masses are too whatever they are doing to care. The few of you who do care know that information is being gathered on you. Any organized sign of paramilitary presense will be met with real military force.

    A division of you cannot stand against one Apache.

    You look insane, you know. No one is going to listen to you. The government will take care of one and all, as it always has. It is best for you just to give in, come out of the woods and assimilate into the new society.

    Faux news allow Glenn Beck to spew his populist claptrap because they know it is a done deal. The masses will grumble, they will complain, but ultimately they will think they have done something by showing up at a rally and getting on TV.

    They can say they fought without actually being put in harms way.

    Countries are passe. The world is too big for you "patriots" so you cling to artificial borders and colorful pieces of cloth. Who do you think put those borders and those colorful pieces of cloth there anyway??

    You certainly didn't.

    You don't control money, and you don't control weapons.

    What you don't control, you serve.
  2. I suspect you will be singing a different tune when

    things start affecting you personally. If the economy

    continues spiralling downward, and I hope it does not,

    The last thing you will be concerned with is the color of

    another's skin.
  3. Obama's plan is not a suicide solution. He or no one he works for is going to die. Not thier children, nor their extended family. It will be the young men and women of the masses that will wage war. Population control via disease is not effective in the industrialized world. Land needs to be cleared. Money needs to be made.
  4. I didn't mention the color of anyone's skin. That is the vision you have based on years of education to keep you separated. And, no, the economic downturn will not affect me personally.
  5. The next great war will depend on whether or not the necessary components fall in line or try to resist. If they try to resist they will be terrorized economically and eventually pushed into a war after a time, they will want it to end and give power to whatever representative happens to be in place.

  6. It sounded to me like that that is the vision you have based

    on years of education. I have not singled out any group as

    you did in your opening post. Anyway, if you can escape

    hard times more power to ya'.
  7. I singled out the proles. You divided them mentally into shades of proles. All the better, divide and conquer.
  8. The Oakland situation was a wonderful example of how certain subsets of proles can be manipulated into straining the law enforcement system.

    It burns the officers out faster.

    Less young men will want to join.

    The stress will make them dysfunctional, which will spread to their wives and children.

    Best of all: They have no plausible escape. They are underpaid, underarmed, and deeply in debt in most cases. Surely you don't think this is accidental?
  9. The truth about the financial fix is that the finacials were "fixed".

    The question is for whom was it fixed, certainly not for any prole.
  10. NeoRio thinks he shorted Obama.

    What he actually did was sell the news, as traders have been doing for decades.

    Another confused prole.
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