An effective way to eliminate homelessness?

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  1. If I was a police man I would let them off.
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    Honestly though, do you think you'd enjoy being a cop? I mean, could you see yourself going into that line of work? I'm guessing not. Me neither. My point is, by and large, it takes a certain kind of person to ever go into that line, and it's not the type that likes to question the fairness of things. Or else that ends up dying after so many years on the job.

    It's just a theory of mine....maybe my perception has been twisted by a few bad apples
  3. you mean they become police to abuse their power.
  4. Many do! The few who started with idealism become harden after some time in the system. This is so in most big cities.

    One place in the USA that still have a civilized police force is Ann Arbor, MI.
    Anyone knows of another?
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    Try being homeless in Texas sometime. One guy told me that the highway patrol guys would tell people to head out of town and they would go find them and kill them!! I hitch hiked through there once, the cops were real assholes and it was illegal to pick up a hitch hiker, what did I know, I was from California... a guy came up with some dogs and a shotgun and made us "move on" once...
  6. Boulder had this coming, they brought on themselves. That's why they are called the Republic of Boulder. Extreme liberalism attracts vagrants its no surprise. As I have mentioned before Santa Cruz, CA had the same issues and worse when I lived there. The cops in the neighboring city of Capitola would drops the bums of in SC because it was tolerated. They over ran downtown until ppl had enough.
  7. This is the result of trickle down economics. Few wealthy individuals who get richer and a shitload of bums with no human rights.