An easy way to get rid of the debt which both sides should agree on.

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    I was thinking today of a way which we could eliminate the debt which both sides should agree on. Why dont we simply round up all the democrats, (I am assuming we could find 100 million of them) and sell the democrats to China for 10000 dollars a piece. That would come out to 10 trillion dollars and we would be almost debt free. We would make china sign an agreement saying that they must feed, and shelter these democrats, as well as give them free healthcare, but the dems have to work for the government for free. We could give them the useless ones like Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi for free, since they will be of no use, except maybe as an end table or something to set your drink on.

    Now this will work for the Rebublicans because we will be getting rid of 100 million government union employees, who only eat away at our tax dollars and provide no real benefit, and it will solve the debt problem at the same time. Plus with unenmployment so high we could easily fill all those positions in the government at half the cost. Students might have to take a couple weeks off while we teach new people to become teachers, it wouldnt take long to train someone to do a better job then the teachers today currently are.

    Now the reason this should work out for democrats is because they would all now recieve all the free healthcare they want, as well as food and shelter, and no one would have to go hungry. Also another huge benefit for democrats is that none of them will have any more possessions than the other ones, since they all work for the government, so that should make them happy as well. An added bonus would be living in a communist country where Mao once ruled. It would be a true liberal utopia.

    I am going to write a letter to my congressman this afternoon proposing this solution, I think if we can scare up enough votes on a petition it has a shot.

    What do you guys think? I really dont know why someone hasnt thought of this already, it seems like such an easy fix.
  2. Yup, genius idea - this would definitely work. Between what do you mean by 'we' here exactly.
  3. There is a problem with your tongue in cheek "solution". First of all, 100 millions Dems really isn't an issue. It's about 200,000 radical leftists and another 200K radical righties. For the sake of argument, let's say there are about a million or so political head cases in the country. What makes you think China would take these nitwits for free, let alone purchase them? Maybe we could convince the Chinese these numbskulls would be good for some kind of medical experimentation, maybe target practice for their military, but it's a tough sell any way you look at it. I doubt that the great Bob Polski, salesman extradonaire would take the job.
    We're stuck with them and the Chinese, as well as the rest of the world, aren't in the market for political crazies. They have enough of their own.
  4. Better yet, why not sell Far Right Wingers for their organs, since in their case the whole is not worth nearly the sum of the parts.
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    While i disagree that only 200k democrats are the problem, I agree with yuo that it would be hard to find a practical use for most democrats, maybe they could use them as decorations or something or throw them in a zoo, kind of like a freak show of sorts.

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    I doubt you could PAY the Chinese $10,000 a piece to take a boat load of democrats. It would cost the Chinese more than that to care for the poor bastards.

    Actually we're discussing USA democrats here gabby. You need not concern yourself with this discussion.
    Since it has nothing to do with you up there in Canada.
  7. No need to take offense just because your own book value hovers at around the undepreciated capital cost of your sneakers.
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    Maybe we could give them away then, atleast it would cut the size of the government down by about 75% So we would be on our way to solving the deficit.

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    Please try to stay on topic this is a serious thread. I will make you a deal, if you stay on topic I will include you in the package to China, even though it may cost an arm and a leg to convince them to take you. Maybe if we throw in a couple republicans it will balance out your complete and utter uselessness.
  10. It is funny watching you guys attempt to be witty.
    Republicans just aren't any good at comedy and satire.
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