An average American indebtedness?

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  1. She is basically selling her house and car for $103K and if she gets the money she will have nothing to show for it (besides being out of debt). She will have no house or no car, right? I wonder where her family will live? I wonder what the current value of the home is?

  2. yeah.. even if she could sell and get rid of all the debts, then what... they would rent? take public transportation?

    or they'd just start incurring new debts..
  3. ace210


    I thinkd she is really hoping some one rich will bail her out and let her keep her house and car. I feel sorry for her and her family, but i dont know they will learn any lesson if they get bailed out. All americans are brain washed into spending more money they have. unfortunately its going to have to end sometime.

    She is pretty creative, some one will end up buying her debt, but I doubt they are going to let her keep her house and car though
  4. GTS


    Husband doesn't look too happy in the picture.

    They should just sell the oldest daughter.
  5. That house looks like about 800sf...
  6. $9,215.86 Ford Focus 2004

    How can you owe that much on a four year old Focus? That looks like what they go for when they're new.
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    Exactly. How much does a new 08 Focus cost? Maybe $15-16k?

    Probably was upside down on her last 3-4 cars and has rolled in old debt.
  8. Maybe it has side pipes.
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    yeah maybe she will try to pull a puss in boots shrek moment with all her children
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