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Discussion in 'Options' started by Thommo, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Hi from Down Under:

    I have a pile of RBI.TSX shares from when they were listed in Australia. They have done quite nicely so I want to write some calls over them and re-weight my portfolio eventually.

    I have been looking for months now for an options broker but without luck, but reading this forum earlier in the week I heard about IB and they will open an account for an Aussie. (Scotia wouldn't) At the same time a broker here sent me an application form for them so it looks as if that's the way I'll be going.

    Question 1...... I have just had a broker here fail with 50 grand in shares and cash lodged with them and, if the previous similar case is a guide, I have lost it. Are your holdings with IB in pooled or individual accounts?

    Question 2...... Does IB's platform (haven't looked at it yet) have good lists of prices and open interest? I just looked at the Montreal Exc site and it doesn't show open interest.

    Question 3...... What are your fav Canuk stock screening and charting providers?

    Like your forum BTW. Thommo