An atheist publicly admits that rape is ok

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  1. This was a debate between two Atheists and a Christian at Huntington beach. They were discussing morality. One said it was genetic and one said it was relative.

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  2. And a Christian once molested a little boy, therefore all Christians are child molestors.

    Your account should be deleted for this nonsense.
  3. Actually you are the one that is sprouting nonsense. Where did you get that I implied all atheists are ok with rape? I just posted the title of the video. You are the one that made an assumption. The video is about where we get our morality from.

    So, Kassz, if you can misread what I posted, how likely is it that you misread things about the bible? Or things about evolution?

    You could seriously be wrong about alot of things in this world if you dont understand what people say or write.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong:

    You believe that all atheists are immoral.
    You believe that Christians have better morals than atheists.

    I have reasonably concluded this, simply by the thread title. If you don't believe these things, then all you did with this thread was post one random person talking, making the video irrelevant.
  5. the holy rollers problem was that he said woman, if he said two guys were left and would rape be ok, that would have been fine with
  7. You really think if one man and one women is all the humans on the earth she will say no to sex? You think she can resist that?
    Thats stupid.

  8. I will correct you.

    I believe that ALL PEOPLE are immoral, atheists & Christians alike.

    I believe that Christians(true Christians anyway) admit that they are immoral and try to stop being immoral although many fail, but at least they try and do not try to justify their actions.

    This video was to show an atheists logic of how he tries to justify his immorality. Instead of just admitting it and trying not to be that way, he justifies himself with false logic that obviously didnt hold up in this video.

    So your reasoning about me was wrong, my friend.
  9. maxpi


    You're a racist!!
  10. Peil you should watch Religulous and then start a thread entitled 'watch video of a Christian who believes she will go to heaven on a white chariot'.
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