An appropriate symbol for our economy

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    No, it's not. You have been attacked, and the new buildings and memorial park show the enemy that he has not achieved what he was hoping for. This might discourage similar attacks and save lives.
  2. lol. 700 million. we could have put a headless statue of binladen for 50k max.
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    When will these assholes realize we're BROKE?

  4. The foundation plans to spend at least a fifth of its operating budget, or around $12 million per year, on private security because of terrorism fears.

    Wouldnt want anyone to blow up the hole, now would we?
  5. 60 million a year to operate?

    does that sound like it makes any sense at all? no it doesnt because there is no chance in hell it costs 60 million a year to operate a couple fountains and a small museum.

    who comes up with this nonsense?
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao case the Terrorists decide to build a building in the hole?
  7. Yeah, this is a terrible waste of money. We could easily respected the fallen in a much nicer, and less expensive way.
  8. It does if it's government run.

    Just sneak another 2% tax into Obamacare and the sheeple won't notice.
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