An apeal...An Apeal!

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  1. I...On behalf of all the Zionists and all of the people who are addicted to sucking the Zionist holly C'ck and to all of the brave hearts who came to this forum and declared, while foam was oozing off the side of their mouth, "Do Not Fuck with US"...I appeal to the Lebanese people that if they locate the 9 Israeli CUTE soldiers who lost their way at the borders between Lebanon and the illegal Zionist entity to report them to ddd, bruto and rearden so that these brave lions could in turn contact the soldiers mommies.

    The 9 commandos soldiers were in a tourist tour inside the most advanced tank on earth, apparently to visit a concentration camp they left behind when they previously escaped from Lebanon, and to destroy the town of Maron Elyas when a group of Hizeb Allah terrorists confronted them and prevented them from committing their crime which compled the lions of zion to abort their tank and run on all four for cover.

    In their panic, the poor bambinos, lost their way.

    Al Arabiyah chancel (The official Israeli channel in the Arab World) is threatening the Lebanese resistance not to touch them otherwise they will be punished! :D

    You guys made a mistake sending these good looking bambinos to the borders.

    Why do you divert from continuing what you specialize in...You know, like dumping half a tone bombs and cluster bombs on homes, shelters, milk factories, hospitals and fleeing women children and elderly; as well as developing your sniping skills on our children's skulls in Gaza and the West bank. you really did not have to fuck with real fighters??

    Who did you think you were fighting? the Jordanian Army?

    Did you forget the 4000 garbage bags we sent you back from Lebanon?

    Oh speaking of garbage bags...I am so impressed at the speed you collect your garbage! Good job! I really mean it!

    And just before I forget...Do you know why this mean bearded terrorist is only sending 30 rockets a day to you? cause the guy figured that this is all it takes to keep 1.5 million of you Lions of Zions crawled in shelters for the last 10 days.

    Finally, I will not be able to reply to anyone of you but I wish you the best!
  2. You are a sick puppy
  3. Ahalan Wael!

    Great job on finding one of the last remaining electric generators in Gaza, if only for a few minutes. Now... back into the darkness you go.

    Here's what is about to happen in S. Lebanon:

    This weekend, the IDF will capture every single inch of Leb territory, south of the Litani river. This land will still be in Israeli hands a year from now, and possibly even annexed into Israel proper. Wael and friends will be thrilled, as this imminent loss of territory will REALLY give them something to whine about.
  4. All the Arabs must really be upset because the IAF has blown up all the Left-Handed toilet paper manufacturing plants within a 100 mile radius of Beirut. Nothing spurns complete Jihad to all the Infidels more than when this happens. Except, maybe, a few published cartoons

    Your family olive tree took a direct hit from a Gaza fired rocket.
    Was the tree insured?

    Your day is coming Wael. Be patient.
  5. Hey Rearden,

    I hate to be a bother man but we have some more garbage left by you that has not been picked...Would you be a pal and send more tanks to do so?

    I told you...You should've flexed your muscles on women and children only...Did you have to pick a fight with real fighters??

    Oh and by the way...good job destroying everything in your way and attacking fleeing families you cowards.

    Say hi to everyone

  6. Oh you are such a tease Bruto... Can you personally do it?
  7. When you see a steady laser beam light set on your suicide belt - you know, the one with the fashionable bundled sticks of dynamite wired in front - know that a 500 pound bomb with "XOXO" and "Made in U.S.A." will be dropping by for a visit -or- a trained marskman from the best military in the world has something that he wants to tell you.

    Let me remember... the first hour for the fighting in Gaza the PA and U.N. propaganda machine was stating that there was a complete "massacre" and "genocide" taking place along with something about the biggest "humanitarian crisis" taking place in the rat invested Gaza. Wael, where are the thousands upon thousands dead, near death, starving bodies? The stench from thousands of rotting corpses must be horrific. Maybe the Arabs and Muslims could that happen?

    And just when you think that everyone in Gaza is either dead or starving to death, the creative juices of rats flow again to kill, steal and destroy:

    Women Martyrs of al Aqsa.

    Radicalism grows as mutual recognition decreases. Calls for dialogue go side by side with military escalation. Today, a new armed group held its first press conference: a womens’ militia will become part of the al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the armed faction of Abu Mazen’s al Fatah party. One of their members, Um al Abed, announced the group’s formation in Gaza City, claiming that 100 women from the occupied territories, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip have offered to carry out suicide attacks in Israel in response to the current Israeli offensive. The Fatah women also promise to fight the Hamas party, which they hold responsible for killing some members of Fatah.
  8. jem


    The hate exhibited by weal is sad. Wael perhaps you think isreal should have just accepted its soldiers being kidnapped or missles being launched into it.

    Your situation is very screwed up over there.

    And now I see the pali voice of reason is really a violence loving jew baiter.

    (Not that I ever really believed you did not hate jews and christians not related to you.)
  9. What is so sad is your hypocrisy jem.

    The criminal Zionist state could not carry a fare fight so they took their anger on women, children, fleeing families, hospitals and bridges.
    These soldiers, contrary to what your peace loving Pat Robertson told you, are captured Israeli soldiers in the battle field in a fare and square battle.

    You, being the hypocrite man you are, did not bother question why these criminal children killers were captured.
    Had you put the honest effort to find out, you would've found out that this criminal and illegal entity is holding about 10 thousands Lebanese prisoners.
    But no! Your masters should not be held responsible for their crimes.

    Had you put the honest effort in seeking the truth, you would've found out that the Zionist illegal entity was, prior to this incident, engaged in state terrisem and assassination of activists and violation of the sovereign Lebanese sea and air boundaries.

    But no...You are more pist than your Zionists are getting a licking from 4000 fighters facing the 4th strongest army on earth.

    I...We have called your bluff and that of the rest of you American Zionist wannabes.

    Rather than demanding that your state stop the 1 tone smart bombs shipment to the fourth strongest army on earth so that they could beat a band of fighters, rather than you demanding that your state send humanitarian aid to the suffering civilians which were devastated by your Zionist masters, you found it proper to come here, summing whatever audacity you have left in to accuse me of hate.

    Show me one single post, you peace loving man, whereby you condemned the Zionist crimes.

    Speaking of hate against Jews...How dare you you low life Christian Fundy!

    How can you accuse a man who is married to a Christian Palestinian woman of that!

    How can you call a man who was tear gazed ALONG WITH OTHER JEWS when he protested the wall of that!

    It is you who is full of hate and hidden agenda and it is you who thinks that everyone is as sick as he is.

    By the Way...Palestinain is not spelled as pali raciest boy.

    Tell you what...I am done with all of you...My people are done with all of you and justice will one day prevail...Buddy!

    Take care.
  10. Here...Condmn that luvaboy!

    " When you see a steady laser beam light set on your suicide belt - you know, the one with the fashionable bundled sticks of dynamite wired in front - know that a 500 pound bomb with "XOXO" and "Made in U.S.A." will be dropping by for a visit -or- a trained marskman from the best military in the world has something that he wants to tell you."

    Or how about that luvaboy

    "Your day is coming Wael. Be patient."

    I hope you would be happy that the man you personally knew will be blown to peices along with his peace loving man you!
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