An analysis into the structure of business share

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    In the banking environment, the market share is best highlighted by the volume of business done by a bank. The volume of business may be defined as
    1. The sum of deposits
    2. Advances made and
    3. The new investments done by a bank

    The business done by the American banking industry in the year 2002-03 is to the tune of several trillion dollars. So, in no way is it a small sector in the economy. A look into the volume of the business and its components in the American Banking Industry is indicative of the fact that nearly 50 percent of the total business is in the hands of certain established banks.

    The next 20 percent is with another bank and its associate banks. So in all around 75 percent of the total business is with the public sector banks. The share of the old private banks and the new private banks like LoanMax of the rod aycox fame is 15 percent and the share of foreign banks is 5 percent only.

    The regional rural banks just have a 2 percent of the total banking business. The break-up of this total business into its components like deposits, advances and investments shows almost the same pattern is displayed by the total banking business. Thus certain banks still control a major chunk of the banking business in the United States.

    Compare that with the role of the new players like Rod Aycox. The LoanMax of the Rod Aycox fame has already proved their mettle within a short span of time. From small beginnings, this firm has scaled greater heights. It is interesting to note that this achievement has come about not because of the availability of large funds. In the 1990s it was very difficult for a newer entrant into the banking industry to prove its mark. Even then LoanMax has proved that such an achievement is within its reach.