An American Glutton

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  2. He was great as "D" in the series Chance with Hugh Laurie. The series only lasted 2 seasons, but it was very good noir TV. It was worth watching for Suplee alone, even though he played sidekick to Laurie's character. I liked the show so much that afterwards I read the book on which the series was based.
  3. I was so proud of him when he got into college in Remember the Titans!
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  4. He was great in American History X
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    Got to give him a thumbs up for his healthy decisions.
  6. He wanted to be a plus size model...imagine if he started sooner he would have been in a lot more.movies but I guess there were more roles for charming fatty
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  8. "Most of all, I'm here to reinforce the idea that there really is only one magical diet. It is better than all the rest regardless of what science or the experts have to say. And that diet is any diet that you'll stick to."

    Hard to disagree (provided that the nutritional balance sense).
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  9. On day 2 of intermittent, doing the 12PM - 8PM window for now since I am not working out in the morning at the moment. Morning hunger but then I get busy and next thing I know it is 12.
  10. Interesting choice of hours. At what time do you normally hit the sack?
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