An Alternative To Government Run Health-Care

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tom B, May 20, 2009.

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    It's just as doomed as the democrats plan. Both are looking for ways to pay for health care costs eight time higher than what other developed nations pay. Until we address the issue of cost rather then how to pay for helath care, no real progress will be made/ When costs come down, someone will be making less money, and that's what no politician will mention.

    The way to bring costs down, and let the market decide who will make less, is to deregulate medicine, which now operates as a government sponsored cartel. Then bring in competition, lots of it!
  3. Scary: Talk of insurance mandate growing

    So I have to pay a tax for something I don't want? There are some people in this world who don't get sick, who will never get cancer or go to a hospital in their adult life. Why should they have to pay a tax?

    How bout we go old school and let the weak die? Let's fucking evolve already; enough of this government coddlying the banks, the retirement of people and healthcare. You can't afford to keep yourself alive, then go die in a corner.
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    Because there is a negiligible percentage of these etternally healthy people. Your view is pretty naive. If you don't pay something into the medicare you will be a burden on everyone else eventually and that's almost a certainity. People like you are the first to cry for the government to help them if they get sick. (And I certainly do not wish for you to get sick.)

    Well, I hope you believe this applies to you too and that one day you will do just what you wrote. But we all know that you won't! So, in the end it's a great thing that Obama will do something about it.
  5. Health costs have always been dictated by medicare with 2-3% ( at most) increases per year. Private pay pays higher than medicare but stays in line with their increases.

    Where is the 10% per year increase coming from? Utilization is why, more people sick and seeking medical care. The only way to control this is to discourage you from seeking care.
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    I'm about as conservative as any one on this forum but I don't think this sentiment is what life is about.
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    There is no alternative to government. Government is the market, business, banks, insurance, car makers ... . Love it or leave it.
  9. Trick is to ban private practice (CANADA) and they will all accept it !!!


    (disclaimer: poster is on a beautifull 90:10 plan)

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